Well done to Phones juniors in Feb 23rd/24th tourneys

Scottish Junior Chess run a lot of excellent tournaments for the juniors and several of our Phones members played in the ‘age’ bracketed tournaments on Feb 23rd and 24th. They all did us proud – for some their first tournament and they handled the use of clocks and pressure very well :) There were children from all over central Scotland taking part so it is great to see this kind of enjoyable tournament experience being provided to the kids.

    Nikunj got 5/9 in the under 8s (his first try at this!)
    in under 9s, Jainill got an amazing 5.5/6 and first place. Also, Neev just missed out on tiebreak but still took 3rd place, which was fantastic.
    Viktor in u10s got 3/6 which was very good amongst a large field.
    In Under13 Kabir got a medal for his 3/6 score. And Aryan, pictured, got 2nd place with an impressive 5/6.



Thanks to Scottish Junior Chess for the results and check their Facebook page for more details and upcoming events.


Blindfold game – Pavlos v Alice, Kartike & Luke

Pavlos played a nice blindfold game (below) with Alice and Kartike, two Phones’ juniors, with (some rather uncertain) input also from me (Luke) early Jan 2019.  Pavlos was not actually blindfolded of course, but was facing the opposite direction from his opponents, who were not at all blindfolded, but had the double-edged benefit of conferring over moves. (It was hard to do this without Pavlos hearing!)

Pavlos has kindly recalled the game from memory, in another feat of skill, and even printed it out. Some moves are cut off in the image, but I will try and get these completed and update the post. Late on, white missed a nice pawn sac with f4! to deflect the black bishop, and gain entry to the 7th rank with tempo, and some counterplay.



Richardson Cup 2019

The plucky Phones team, faced Dundee Chess Club in our first Richardson match this season on Jan. 12th for a home fixture. We were unlucky to have a default early on owing to some unforeseen circumstances but we managed to fight back and with the scores level, but Phones needing to win, due to tiebreak terms, Captain John McIntyre showed his endgame skills under pressure to give us the match! Thank you to Dundee for being very sporting opposition and travelling all the way from the beautiful east coast for the match.


Next stop, the semi-finals. :)

Qualification for Junior Gigafinal in Manchester 2018

Well done to Kartik and Alina who both did well at the weekend at a Scottish junior tournament. And extra congrats to Kartik for his fine performance the previous weekend, winning trophy (below) with a perfect score of 7/7!  This qualifies him for the Northern juniors gigafinals in Manchester in July. Brilliant!



Chess Library

At our Club we maintain a small library of chess books, that members can access for free. We are very grateful to Terry Lillie of the Bridge Club who kindly donated some books this week, as he is moving house.

They are all interesting, but one stood out as I did not know the author. On researching him I discovered he was the first British titled Grandmaster, and no it was not Tony Miles! Comins Mansfield was a celebrated chess composer from Devon, but actually lived in Glasgow too, during the 1940s. (Playing board 3!). Fascinating biography here .comins

Match report – Richardson Cup semi-final

We just played the semi-final of the Richardson on Feb. 17th, Saturday, at our club, although technically it was a home tie for Poly, our opponents. The result and most games were very close, and we take our hats off to Poly who were sporting and better opponents on the day.

Pavlos fought on doggedly on board one trying to hold the draw but had to opt for a (probably) losing endgame to fight off a dangerous attack, and could not prevent a pawn queening in the same-coloured bishop ending. Daniel who has been a great asset to the team, was unlucky to not find a win in a better endgame – but in analysis it was not clear there was one there despite optical promise. I didn’t see Guy’s game against the young Scandinavian, who seems a promising talent.  Stephen who had been unwell had played very solidly and felt he could have held the draw in better circumstances and so was a bit unlucky. Nicolas dropped a pawn but did very well to recover the position and had a bishop vs knight in the ending which he played skilfully to make the draw against a fine player. John had a slightly better opening but after a set of exchanges there was nothing really to separate the players and a draw agreed. Myself I equalised from the Pirc opening, and then a pawn sacrifice along with the opponents minor pieces being offside led to a dangerous attack on the kingside which won material. The major pieces came off and White had to resign. Jim had to face down two connected central pawns but held them back well and achieved a draw without much difficulty.

A fine Cup run we could only have dreamed of at the start of the season, means we are directly through to next year’s Richardson to try again.

Thank you to Daniel for playing for us and being an enthusiastic team member. Many thanks to John whose preparation has been a big part of our success and kept us well fed with delicious buffet lunches each round :)

And well done to everyone, this year was the furthest the team has ever managed in this competition!

The official results page is here: but the image below has the scores.