Fixtures, 2017-18 season

We will have a team in the Richardson Cup, fixtures forthcoming to our website.

Glasgow League

Div 1


  • Oct09 H Paisley A
  • Nov20 H Bellshill A
  • Dec18 A Cathcart A
  • Jan08 H Giffnock A
  • Feb08 A East Kilbride A
  • Feb19 H Hamilton A
  • Mar05 H Bearsden A
  • Mar15 A Glw Polytechnic A
  • Apr05 A Stepps A

Div 2


  • Oct19 A Cumbernauld
  • Nov13 A Paisley B
  • Nov27 H Dalmuir
  • Dec04 H Renfrewshire
  • Dec21 A Glw Montrose A
  • Feb05 H Inverclyde
  • Mar08 A Stepps B
  • Mar19 H Glw Polytechnic B Apr02 H Hamilton B

Div 3a


  • Oct12 A Glw Polytechnic C
  • Oct16 H GU Camels
  • Nov02 A Glw Montrose B
  • Nov27 A Cathcart C
  • Dec13 A GU Camels
  • Jan15 H Glw Montrose B
  • Feb06 A Bearsden B
  • Feb26 H Cathcart C
  • Mar26 H Bearsden B
  • Apr09 H Glw Polytechnic C

Dunbartonshire League


  • Dec 7th     Giffnock          Away
  • Jan 16th    Bearsden C     Away
  • Jan 29th    Dalmuir           Home
  • Mar 12th   Stepps B         Home
  • Mar 26th   Concord          Home

For Results, best to check the Glasgow Chess website