Fixtures, 2017-18 season

We have a team in the Richardson Cup, who have now reached the semi-finals, for the second time ever in the club’s history. Well done to Captain John McIntyre and team.

Scottish Richardson Cup


To be played Sat. 17th or Sun. 18th Feb. 2018. vs Glasgow Polytechnic (at their venue).

Glasgow League

Div 1


  • Oct09 H Paisley A
  • Nov20 H Bellshill A
  • Dec18 A Cathcart A
  • Jan08 H Giffnock A
  • Feb08 A East Kilbride A
  • Feb19 H Hamilton A
  • Mar05 H Bearsden A
  • Mar15 A Glw Polytechnic A
  • Apr05 A Stepps A

Div 2


  • Oct19 A Cumbernauld
  • Nov13 A Paisley B
  • Nov27 H Dalmuir
  • Dec04 H Renfrewshire
  • Dec21 A Glw Montrose A
  • Feb05 H Inverclyde
  • Mar08 A Stepps B
  • Mar19 H Glw Polytechnic B Apr02 H Hamilton B

Div 3a


  • Oct12 A Glw Polytechnic C
  • Oct16 H GU Camels
  • Nov02 A Glw Montrose B
  • Nov27 A Cathcart C
  • Dec13 A GU Camels
  • Jan15 H Glw Montrose B
  • Feb06 A Bearsden B
  • Feb26 H Cathcart C
  • Mar26 H Bearsden B
  • Apr09 H Glw Polytechnic C

Dunbartonshire League


  • Dec 7th     Giffnock          Away
  • Jan 16th    Bearsden C     Away
  • Jan 29th    Dalmuir           Home
  • Mar 12th   Stepps B         Home
  • Mar 26th   Concord          Home

For Results, best to check the Glasgow Chess website