Junior club ladder league

We have been running an informal club junior ladder this season, with fantastic, competitive participation from our junior members.

Congratulations to Kabir who came first in the autumn competition. The Spring ladder is well under way, and plenty of players already.

The tournament works by offering guaranteed gradable games for juniors, limited to one game per week max. They must use clocks at a time control of 25mins each. We reward participation by players getting 1 point, even if they lose, 2 points for draw, and 3 points for a winner. The players points are totalled up and decide the victor at the end of the season. Many of the players have been very brave and chosen to write their moves down too, which is an essential of tournament play at more advanced levels, so this is all good preparation for that, and there is plenty of fun to be had playing other club members in weekly pairings – in a competitive, safe and fair setting.

Thank you to the several adult members who have given players a game when no junior pairings were possible – David, Pavlos, Stephen, Colin, Guy, Robert and others. And a big thank you to the juniors and parents for coming along and making our club a success!

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