Blindfold game – Pavlos v Alice, Kartike & Luke

Pavlos played a nice blindfold game (below) with Alice and Kartike, two Phones’ juniors, with (some rather uncertain) input also from me (Luke) early Jan 2019.  Pavlos was not actually blindfolded of course, but was facing the opposite direction from his opponents, who were not at all blindfolded, but had the double-edged benefit of conferring over moves. (It was hard to do this without Pavlos hearing!)

Pavlos has kindly recalled the game from memory, in another feat of skill, and even printed it out. Some moves are cut off in the image, but I will try and get these completed and update the post. Late on, white missed a nice pawn sac with f4! to deflect the black bishop, and gain entry to the 7th rank with tempo, and some counterplay.




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