Phones progress to semi-finals of the Richardson Cup

Phones had the luck of the draw with a second home tie for the quarter-finals of the Richardson Cup, vs. Edinburgh’s Wandering Dragons team. The club achieved a fine win, with comparable gradings on paper, and we are now into the semi-finals.

Once again, a big thanks to John Mcintyre, who sorted out the venue arrangements, arranged a fab buffet lunch for both teams and after attending a busy meeting in the morning, he went on to get the first points on the board, with a comfortable draw on board 7! Draws were also achieved in games by Bob Dickson and Daniel Abrahams (on loan from his more regular club, Montrose, to our good fortune) and Stephen Misanjo. Pavlos had a great game with black, against Alan Tate,  in a battling Dutch defence, and was unlucky not to get at least the half point. A fine win by Guy Lyons and also a resurgent Nikos Skettos meant that Luke just had to avoid defeat to a lower-graded opponent, which he managed to do.

Our sincere commiserations to Wandering Dragons, who were gracious opponents and had had to brave the wintry weather to get here – think we were very lucky to get a home fixture on this tie! Best of luck to them for the rest of the season.

Well done team, another great joint effort, next stop: semi-finals against Glasgow Polytechnic, Feb 17th/18th!

Date: 20/01/2018


Board Name Pnum Grade Result (home) Result (away) Name Pnum Grade
1 Pavlos Bozinakis 22164 2194 0 1 Alan Tate 6191 2358
2 Daniel Abrahams 24173 2127 1/2 1/2 Mark Orr 5555 2145
3 Stephen Misanjo 25803 1867* 1/2 1/2 Elliot Sloan 6012 1953
4 Guy Lyons 4746 1858* 1 0 Richard Kynoch 4629 1927
5 Bob Dickson 3731 1835* 1/2 1/2 Donald Heron 4339 1813
6 Nicolas Skettos 26683 1646 1 0 Ian Brownlee 3323 1763
7 John W McIntyre 5102 1752* 1/2 1/2 Jannic Konarski 4621 1729
8 Luke Barker 11947 1733* 1 0 Marek Straczynski 6147 1437
  Match Result 5 3

Author: Phones Chess Club Glasgow

Website admin for Phones Chess Club, Glasgow.

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