Dumbarton District Allegro

A quickplay allegro of 15 minutes per player, Swiss Tournament under the auspices of the DDCA, sponsored by Allan Brown, was held in the Concord Centre, Dumbarton on Saturday 11 February 2017.

A First Prize of £50 was won by Andy Myall of Dalmuir CC, and there were many Junior prizes also.

The object of this enterprise was to stimulate interest in chess in the Dumbarton area. 16 chess players were invited to a four-round allegro, featuring some experienced juniors as well.

Alongside the adult event, (and a more lively bunch!! :) ) was a multi-round Junior event took place, to promote chess among juniors. (Especially those who, to date, have had little or no involvement in organised chess). Juniors were aged from about 7 to 13 in this group, and could play as many matches as time permitted – and this was keenly taken up.

The tournament was funded  entirely, very generously, by the late Allan Brown, of Phones, which meant it was free for all to play, and we hope to organise another similar event later in 2017.

Many thanks to John McCartan for all his organising efforts which saw everything run smoothly and kept fun to the forefront, as well as to John Mcintyre of Phones.

If you are interested in playing chess in Dumbarton and surrounding area – or in Glasgow – please see our links page for more information or get in touch here.

An obituary for Allan is on the Dalmuir website and we have an article in our news section.


Author: Phones Chess Club Glasgow

Website admin for Phones Chess Club, Glasgow.

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